** Babes, please read FAQ before purchasing ** (especially international) x -christie
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    ** PLEASE READ THE FAQ BEFORE PURCHASING (especially if purchasing from outside the USA) **


    Babes are you, me, and anyone else who gives a f*ck. We are the shouters and the movers. The free spirits and the game changers. Barefoot Babes is an independent hobby shop run by Christie, designed to support the raddest of the bunch.
    I started designing tees in college as a means to encourage a world of down to earth humans connecting with the world around (and below) them — to encourage equality on all levels, for the animals, the planet, and among our very own species. Since then, I’ve fallen in absolute love with slow sustainable fashion and running this shop. When I graduated university last year, I started working in NYC and have not been able to shake my wild passion for this little shop! While I still don’t totally know how I’ll be able to pay my rent, I’ve recently quit my job as a freelance marketer and am trying to give the Barefoot shop some life! 
    THANK YOU ENDLESSLY to every babe who has supported my work over the last year and a half! Should all my plans work out, I have some really exciting things coming finally! Keep your eyes out, i’ll be posting updates on my YouTube channel, as well as in the email newsletter! (which you can sign up for free HERE)

    ✷ WHO I AM ✷

    The little hobby shop owner and one-man-show, Christie! Hey! I just graduated from university and found an unexpected surge of love for design and art. I founded this shop with the aim to spread positivity and creativity while raising awareness for the equality of all babes and the planet. I hand design, draw, or paint each graphic you see on Barefoot items! All I can hope is that you babes enjoy your tees as much as I love creating them! 


     Instagram :: @BarefootBabesApparel & @SedonaChristina
    ❊ YouTube :: youtube.com/sedonachristina
    ❊ Twitter :: twitter.com/BarefootBabesxx
    ❊ Facebook :: facebook.com/BarefootBabesApparel
    ❊ Pinterest :: pinterest.com/BarefootBabesxx
    ❊ Spotify :: @BarefootBabesApparel
    ❊ Blog/Diary — Diary of a Barefoot Babe (in reconstruction) :: blog.barefootbabesapparel.com

    ✨ USE #StayBare or #BabesBiteBack & tag the photo's ✨


     ✷ FAQ ✷ 


    » Care and wash instructions?
    In order to prolong the design on each tee, machine (or hand if you choose) wash cold, inside-out, and on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent. Wash with similar colors if possible as well. Try to avoid fabric softeners and drying on higher temperatures as well (tumble dry is optimal, so I've been told). Air dry if you would really like to keep it in tip top shape.
    Unfortunately, some tees may fade in time (i’m working on it though! still new to the crazy world of design)

    » Want your favourite cause to receive our donation one month?
    I’m working on bringing my give-back program back! Once I have the business established as so (mentioned above), each month, I will be picking a new charity that fits my values (promoting love for the people and/or the planet and/or the animals) so that I can donate a portion of the proceeds of that month to! Shoot me an email at info@barefootbabesapparel.com if you or your fave cause would like to be featured!
    pssst. nothing is set in stone so once I find a cause that I wish to make permanent, we might just have to hook up for the long run ;)

    » Do I have to be "vegan" to wear your tees?
    Nope, not at all! Barefoot Babes is an intersectional shop and I am passionate about so many causes. If you’re into spreading LOVE, then you’re a babe too! While I originally started designing tees inspired by my personal vegan lifestyle, I want to create a space entered around LOVE FOR ALL. For yourself, for other humans, for the planet, and for the animals, and I design for babes passionate about any part of that! If you want a more loving & brighter future, you’re more than welcome to join the gang!
    And if you're ever curious about why I living a veggie filled lifestyle changed my life, pop over to the "Life Changers" tab and I’m more than happy to share a lil glimpse ❤

    » Where do the tees actually come from?
    Well, as I’m not a seamstress myself, I have other babes help me in the making of my tees.
    When I first started, I was sourcing my tees from American Apparel. However, if you follow me on social media (I tend to post about stock in photo posts and in my insta story as it’s an easy way to communicate quickly), you might know that they recently went out of business, which has not been easy for me as I loved them dearly. BUT that has jolted me into shaking things up, in what I think will soon be a beautiful way!

    For the next couple months, a few of my tees will be made on American Apparel tees (all tee descriptions will state which ones, as well as you will see the American Apparel tag in each tee mockup). *NOTE American Apparel sizing is quite slim, especially for the fitted tees. 4/5 of the fitted tees out right now go in accordance with this slim AA sizing. See more about sizing below.

    The other few tees are by two other funky tee manufacturers I have been experimenting working with who also make all their tees completely ethically for the people, the animals, and one even makes use of solar energy in the manufacturing of their tees!

    If you follow me on social media then you know I am OVERLY passionate about living an ethical and mostly zero-waste lifestyle, and am dedicating my life to spreading awareness for ethical fashion, diet, and all around lifestyle choices.

    While I’ve been playing around with the quality of the tees bouncing in-between manufacturers in the last few months since American Apparel went under, I’m still trying to find my perfect manufacturer to work with. I PROMISE YOU that I WILL NEVER work with a company who does not meet my ethics, or pretends to claim ethical manufacturing or markets themselves as so, while they work in factories that are rarely checked or maintained, as that is a very common occurrence.

    HOWEVER, as we speak, I’m working on making the jump from hobby designer to a true business and will be hopefully making all my tees myself in the coming few months, please stay tuned for updates soon! Woo!

    cheers to making a difference in ethical slow fashion, babes!

    » How do I know my size?
    Some of my original tees are printed on American Apparel tees, and some of my newer ones are not. American Apparel tends to fit quite slim, so take precaution with that. They are true to AA sizing, if you have ever purchased from their store (before they went under …. tears).
    If the tees are not marked AA, then they truly fit true to standard sizing.
    Please read the description of each tee, as I have tried my best to mark each design’s fit. It will be marked and described as either unisex (traditional fit) or fitted female (slim fit). AA tees come in both styles as well, they just tend to run slimmer. Every tee will also be accompanied by it’s own unique sizing chart for you to double check (coming week of July 30th).
    Also note, all tees are made with cotton and have the chance of shrinking. While I have never had that happen with mine, there is always the chance. Mama nature is wonderful most of the time, but sometimes … y’know, she’s queen betch. It’s her world, we’re just living in it. ;)




    » Return Policy?
    Unfortunately, at this time I do not allow returns or exchanges. Meaning ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Additionally, should you send the item back to the address it was sent from, I do not have access to that location (as it's a warehouse near your end address for shipping logistics reasons) and will NOT be able to issue a refund, as I will NOT receive any items. This is just a temporary solution, as I have just graduated from college and am working on allowing exchanges in the coming months! But if you have any extenuating circumtances, please email me (info@barefootbabesapparel.com)! 💛

    If you have questions about sizing please check the sizing chart of each tee or contact me before you order and i'll be happy to help ya! Please also read the two questions about the tees & their sizing. 

    I'm working on being able to do exchanges/returns soon! Sign up for the email newsletter & follow the insta page to stay in the loop! 💛



    » International Shipping?
    Of course! More details below.

    » Do you cover customs charges?? **please read if from outside the USA (especially UK, Canada, or Europe) **
    Unfortunately, no I do not. Some countries have them, and others do not. I am not sure of every country with duties, but I do know that Canada, the UK, and the EU have been charged for the delivery of my tees in the past. It is highly illegal for me to mark packages as “gift” and thus I cannot do so for you, so sorry babe! I wish small artist hobby shops like mine weren’t affected by this, but the law is the law, y’know. Please look into your country's customs fees from America before ordering.

    For perspective :: The UK is one of those countries, and I have been told they have a very high rate (somewhere around £13 for one tee).

    From the UK's Royal Mail ::

    "Receiving mail from countries outside the UK: All mail that enters the UK may be examined by Customs. Normally letters, postcards and parcels containing only documents or similar forms of correspondence are excluded.
    If you are receiving a parcel from a country outside the EU it may incur Customs charges. Any parcel assessed as being liable for Customs charges will also incur a Royal Mail handling fee of £8.
    Any goods imported into the UK over the value of £15 are liable to import VAT. Gifts between private individuals over the value of £39 are also liable for VAT. Goods and gifts over these values may also be liable for customs duty. You no longer have to pay Customs duty for goods up to the value of £135, however you will still be required to pay import VAT and excise duty where applicable.
    Please note these limits do not apply to alcohol and tobacco goods where both excise duty and import VAT may be charged. It is not permitted to send alcohol and tobacco products into the UK from another EU country unless prior arrangements have been made to account for the excise duty."

    » How long does shipping take? *YAY NEW UPDATES!*
    Well, that depends on where ya are, babe!

    I make each tee to order (for now, I’M WORKING ON NEWNESS COMING IN THE FALL WOO!) , so once your order is placed, the kind souls who help me print my tees get right to work making every one just for you. When that's done with, your order will be sent right away. Printing your tees should take me/us no longer than 4-5 days, and then shipping times are the following:

    ❊ USA :: 3-5 business days

    ❊ International *update*:
         ❊ International *shipped before 28/07/17* ::
              ❊ Canada :: 5-12 business days
              ❊ Other (except Australia) :: 5-20 business days
              ❊ Australian orders tend about a month in total (including non-business days), sorry babes! I wish the distance between Cali and Aus was closer!
         ❊ International *shipped after 28/07/17* ::
              ❊ Canada 4-8 business days
              ❊ Other countries between 7-16 business days (includes Australia)
    Read the following question if you'd like faster shipping.

    » Why can shipping take a while and how can I get faster shipping?
    Well, I used to have faster shipping but received a lot of complaints for the international shipping costs. Since I’m a small hobby shop, I don’t have access to the discounted rates several large companies use. Due to that, I’m now working with a service that's a wee bit slower, but won't cost you babes a pretty penny. Shipping prices are now $7-8USD (depending on the size of the order) for all international orders, versus their ~$15USD counterpart (for the same size order).
    If you're willing to fork out extra for better tracking and faster shipping, contact me at info@barefootbabesapparel.com with your address and what you would like to order (i.e. before you place the order on our site), and I’d be more than happy to let you know what I can do and how much shipping will be then!

    » Will I get a tracking number?
    Absolutely! Each order comes with a tracking number, sent out via email once your order has shipped. If you placed an order with multiple items, there is a slight chance you will receive them separately. Meaning, you will receive separate tracking number emails. But I’ll let you know if that's the case for your order!
    International orders shipped before 28/07/17 :: For international orders your tracking number will unfortunately only display when your shipment leaves the hub here in California and then again when it arrives in your country. The service I have chosen to use allows me to maintain low shipping prices, as explained above.
    International orders shipped after 28/07/17 :: you will have detailed tracking numbers now! Woo! (shipping time described above)
    International orders shipped on 28/07/17 :: one or two packages were sent out before I had full access to the new tracking service. Feel free to shoot me an email to see what the status of your tracking link is! info@barefootbabesapparel.com


    » Contact?
    Have any other questions, give me a shout info@barefootbabesapparel.com and I’ll try my best to get back to you as soon as possible! Sometimes my inbox get’s flooded or things end up in spam but my goal is try to to get back within 1-2 business days!
    ps. email or insta DM is cool, whichever floats your boat!