** Babes, please read FAQ before purchasing ** (especially international) x -christie
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     **as always, please read the FAQ before ordering. All general policies still apply. Note— all sales are final & international import fees may apply. Still just little old me over here. A broke artist & student fresh out of uni. I cannot reimburse for either.

    Huge change is in progress! You may have noticed on instagram and by the fact that this site was closed for a couple months.

    I've been working on creating my dream company/organization, which will be called The Self Care co.
    A zero waste & environmentally sustainable company filled with a capsule collection of Barefoot Babes Apparel, and other goodies from my heart to yours.

    But that has been very taxing on my mental health, and I've had to postpone it's opening a few times.

    I've re-opened this website for any kind souls who have reached out about snagging one of my original tees, under the Barefoot Babes brand.

    THE NEW SHOP is coming! I promise! But I've hit a few financial snags, as  haven't had an income while it has been closed (broke artist young problems hehe) so while I'm prepping behind the scenes and until the new website goes into build mode, while the site is open, I will continue to ship out the old designs!

    Feel free to stay up to date on instagram & my youtube channel! I will be keeping everyone up to date on the new brand there!


    ~ The Self Care co. is set to open March 8th, 2018 as of right now. See ya then! ~